Martin Bauer Group

The Martin Bauer Group requested assistance with identifying suitable investment opportunities in farms and farmland in Africa, to supply them with spices for their botanical products. Through establishing a five phase research plan the Africa Insight Desk resolved to determine the best investment options. The first phase consisted of conducting botanical country scans for Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Madagascar, the countries Martin Bauer Group specified. These reports stated the areas in each country with appropriate conditions to grow the specific crops of interest, by establishing the agro-ecological zones, climate conditions and soil fertility.

DASSY Engineering Solutions Ltd

The Africa Insight Desk organized a business development trip for Dassy Engineering, a Rwandan Engineering-Procurement Company (EPC) and Contractor whom was looking for Dutch businesses with turnkey projects in Africa. Dassy Engineering was able to connect with over 20 high-profile companies during a 5-day visit in which 1200 km was covered and directly led to signed contracts. Click here for a one-pager about the assignment.

Plan Netherlands
This field research identifies the constraints to gainful employment and explores how to leverage employment opportunities for young migrants in Addis Ababa and Shire, regions of Ethiopia. The report supports Plan Netherlands’ efforts to resolve causes of irregular migration in Ethiopia. It does so by outlining recommendations to improve the employment prospects for the youth.
Poultry final
Food and business platform
Food and Business Knowledge Platform

To support Dutch development and economic diplomacy policies, the Africa Insights Desk conducted a desk and field study on the poultry value chain in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda). The study sheds light on the consequences of regional interdependence on the position of SME’s and smallholders in the poultry value chain. Click here to download the report (.pdf)


Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

The report covers the opportunities to invest in the wastewater treatment sector in Morocco. Combining a knowledge of Dutch companies with an analysis of the business and the institutional environment, as well as an identification of the needs in Morocco, this report is a handful guide to start investing in Morocco. Click here to download the report (.pdf).

Portrait of a boy with the map of the world painted on his face
Asoko Insight

In collaboration with De Nederlandsche Bank and Asoko Insight, an informative heatmap of the economic activity between the Netherlands and the African continent was developed. Developed for entrepreneurs and policymakers alike, the heat map gives insight into foreign direct investment in Africa and bilateral trade in 2017. Click here to download the heat map (.pdf)

Invavit IQ

In collaboration with Inavit IQ, wrote a report on the most important trends to consider to do business in Africa. The report provides a comprehensive continental as well as a regional-specific overview. You can find the report here.

FACTS – Peter van der Krogt
The Africa Insights Desk assisted in finding potential clients in the Netherlands and Africa for the financial service developed by FACTS.
FIPA Tunisia – Mokthar Chouari

Africa Insights Desk wrote a Business Opportunity Report which formed the basis of the Agribusiness Opportunities in Tunisia that took place on the 23rd of February. Download the report here

CNFA – Marc Steen

Africa Insights Desk enabled CNFA to connect with relevant stakeholders in the cocoa-industry in the Netherlands.

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